Spiral conveyor KSF

Spiral conveyors are used for transporting solid matter and sludge in many branches of industry.

  • Sludge from municipal and industrial sources, especially sludge which has a tendency to be adhesive
  • Siftings and screenings from sewage treatment plants
  • Waste from canteen kitchens, slaughterhouses, etc.
  • Ash and cinder
  • Conveys material with different particle sizes (household garbage, industrial waste products, etc.)
  • Raw materials from the food industry
  • Recycling from the timber and paper industries
  • Bulk materials and the most diverse types of solid matter


  • Hygienic protection due its closed system
  • Possible conveyor lengths: up to approx. 20 m without intermediate bearings.
  • High inclination angle
  • Flexible because of its modular design
  • Additional functions can be integrated along the transport path (cooling, heating, washing, etc.)
  • Low maintenance requirements due to wear-resistant construction
  • Use of robust high-quality materials
  • Replaceable wear liners

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