Step screen KSR

The KUHN KSR step screens are predominantly used in the mechanical purification stage of municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants.

Further areas of application can be found, for example, in the pretreatment of processing liquids (slaughterhouses, tanneries, fish processing facilities, among others) as well as in treatment plants of the paper industry.


  • Gap width 1–6 mm
  • Self-cleaning screen surface
  • High throughput and separation capacity, lowest height loss
  • Low space requirement
  • Substantial frame assembly
  • Three-phase AC motor as drive unit contained in separate housing (protection against abrasive and moist sewage water vapors)
  • Chain transmission with automatic chain tensioner
  • Drive unit and deposits are located above the water line
  • Removable hygiene protection cover above the flume
  • No attachments necessary at the channel floor
  • Machine can be pivoted out of the flume
  • Simple maintenance
  • Quiet running characteristics


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