Step screen KSR-S

KUHN KSR-S step screens are predominantly used in the mechanical purification stage of municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants.


  • Maximum throughput and separation capacity, low height loss
  • Gap width 1–6 mm
  • Especially applicable for narrow channels (>800 mm)
  • Self-cleaning screen surface
    — no brushes or scrapers
    — no washing water consumption
  • Narrowest side cheeks for maximum filter space with minimum space requirement
  • Stable screen frame made of folded profiles with optimized strength characteristics
  • Three-phase AC gear motor as drive unit encapsulated in separate housing (providing protection against aggressive and damp sewage vapors)
  • Chain transmission with automatic chain tensioner
  • Drive unit and bearings located above the waterline
  • Removable covers for hygienic encapsulation above the flume
  • Simple retrofitting in existing plants
  • Simple maintenance
  • Runs quietly
  • No attachments necessary at the channel floor
  • Machine can be pivoted out of the flume

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