Wash press KWP-P (Premium)

Our washpresses are ideal supplements in disposal processes, where separated recycling material needs to be transported away, washed, compressed and dewatered.

Our machines have proven their worth over many years, especially in municipal and industrial sewage treatment applications.

As base version for involving a solenoid valve our wash press KWP-S(standard) is applied.


  • Multi-functionality: washes, dewaters, compresses and transports
  • Very high degree of “wash-out” (up to 95%)
  • Dewatering: up to 50% dry matter (depending on the material to be dewatered)
  • Simple washing system involving solenoid valves
  • Chrome chilled cast-iron cladding as wear guard on the screw
  • The position of the screw shaft can be adjusted from the outside
  • Ingeniously-designed support and counter-pressure unit
  • Compaction zone with easy-to-maintain inspection hatch
  • Powerful and uncompromising thick-wall design
  • Drain pan,removable

Additional advantages:

  • Sophisticated premium wash system via hollow shaft injection
  • Enlarged dewatering surface thanks to the wedge wire over the entire machine length (particularly well-suited for launder charging)
  • Compaction zone with easy to maintain foldaway device
  • Drain pan in drawer design


  • Installation as intensive whirl wash using an additional whirl wheel KWP-W
  • Raising of dried matter contents by means of KUHN-Vario-Resistor KVR
  • Installation as short version using a miter gear
  • Installation with wastewater valves

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