Screw press KSP

Our screw presses are used as optimal supplements in disposal processes, where separated, moist recyclied material is dewatered, compressed and transported away.

Our machines have proven their worth over many years, especially in municipal and industrial treatment applications.


  • Small dimensions owing to its compact design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Long service life due to the use of high-quality materials
  • Armor-plated conveyor screw
  • Dewatering: up to 40% dry matter (depending on the material to be dewatered)
  • Removable press water pan
  • Reduction of disposal costs
  • Special steady and counterbalance bearings
  • Increased dewatering area due to a wedge wire
  • A bagging mechanism may be optionally attached to the press pipe for hygiene purposes as well as for reducing odors.

German Water Partnership

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