Hydro power screw KWKS

A millennia-old method of pumping river water or sewage has conquered the world of hydro power generation.

The "Archimedean screw" — also known as the "water screw" — is thousands of years old. It is used to pump large volumes of water at relatively low heads and is extremely reliable and durable so application operators are fully satisfied.
Systematic consideration of how to utilize all the benefits of 
Archimedean screws led to the idea of reversing the pumping procedure.

Using a flat installation angle and driven by the difference in height of the water, the engine and gearbox unit only needed to be replaced by a generator for mechanical energy of flowing (river) water to be converted into electrical energy and heat. This small-format hydropower generation model produces between 1.0 and 300 kW of power, making it an important new option in this area.

"Hydro power" is an indispensable source of power – not only in the past but also for the future!

For daytime and nighttime base load energy (with or without wind and with or without sun) will take over, in fact must take over, a part of the alternative energy mix for the future. Slow and steady speeds reduce mortality rates, especially of migratory fish (salmon, eel or sea trout) and can be classified as “fish friendly.”

Mechanically indestructible, stable with maximum and long-lasting reliability, the KUHN KWKS hydropower screw opens up access to both old and new energy potential – whether as “residual water use” at existing hydropower plants, or in remote areas of the world where fossil fuels are scarce and expensive but sufficient water at low heads of from 1 to 8 m is available. Due to its simple design, this technology is extremely promising and requires relatively little investment.

Special benefits of KUHN hydropower plants:

There are a number of conceivable and practically possible process combinations with the KUHN hydropower screw that increase its efficiency in specific dimensions:

  • Using water-cooled generators, the waste heat from the engine can be used to heat rooms or buildings in the vicinity of the site. In addition, using hot water for heating in the area is a viable option.
  • Including the KUHN hybrid screw technology®, the metallic screw trough of the hydropower screw can be used as a heat exchanger for non-contact cooling or excellent water heating. Thus, without seeking a water discharge permit, heat can be extracted from river water for heating or the same heat exchanger can be used for cooling buildings.
  • Using an integrated heat exchanger in the steel trough of the hydropower screw, the generator can be cooled using a simple refrigeration cycle and thus operated with greater efficiency = higher current yield. The unique feature of these applications is the added benefit which does not prevent or adversely effect on the actual purpose of generating electrical power in any way.

If you have any questions about these additional applications, please contact our KUHN specialists for heating and air conditioning equipment.


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