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We are a manufacturer of high-quality machines for the conveyance and mechanical treatment of wastewater in the inlet group of sewage and wastewater treatment plants. Our product portfolio includes Archimedean screw pumps, screens and screenings treatment, grit treatment, conveyors, compact plants and hydrodynamic screws. We produce machines for preliminary treatment in wastewater treatment plants customized to meet customer requirements and designed for “more”; our machines stand out for their robustness, durability, sustainability and efficiency. KUHN machines provide clean water and clean energy in more than 40 countries around the globe.

Innovative products

As a result of ongoing further development of our machines and participation in specialist committees throughout Germany, you constantly receive state-of-the-art products from us that involve the latest technology for the first stage of wastewater treatment. Our close cooperation with scientific institutions on research projects regularly leads to innovations and advancement in specialist knowledge. Independent tests confirm the high practical feasibility and outstanding performance of our products. This is especially the case with our wash press. See for yourself in the video below.

KUHN Archimedean screw pumps

- Germany's largest and most experienced manufacturer
- All types and sizes
- Manufactured by KUHN only
- Refurbishing and service

Everything from a single source

We have extensive expert knowledge based on decades of experience in manufacturing wastewater engineering systems and the installation of several thousand machines. The close coordination of mechanical and electrical engineering at our company prevents commonly encountered interface problems. We offer turnkey machines including maintenance and repair services – in Germany and worldwide!


Our current machines and products:

Archimedean screw pumps

Archimedean screw pumps KWS
Hydro power screw KWKS


Step screen KSR
Step screen KSR-S
Multi rake screen KHU
Multi rake screen KHU-Boomerang XL
Multi rake screen KHU KN
Spiral screen KSS

Screen bulk handling

Wash press KWP-S (Standard)
Wash press KWP-P (Premium)
Screw press KSP

Combinated system

Compact system KOPA
Headworks unit KKA

Grit handling

Grit washer seperator KSW-S/RW
Dry-loaded grit washer KSW-T
Screw classifier KSK


Spiral conveyor KSF
Spiral compactor KSF-P


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